Annie Giguère

As the Director of Product Development and Marketing at La Capitale, Annie specializes in the development of travel and group insurance products. According to Annie, sound management of insurance costs starts with the health and well-being of the insureds. For this reason, she places great emphasis on health in the development of insurance products. This mother of two successfully juggles work, family life, friends and travel. Her secret? Planning. In the reCap blog, Annie explains group and travel insurance terms in plain language She provides sound advice, tips, suggestions and proper planning in her colourful blogs.

Articles by Annie Giguère

8 tips to thwart pickpockets while on vacation

8 Tips to Thwart Pickpockets While on Vacation

Getting stolen is never a great experience, especially when you're abroad. Here are 8 tips how to protect yourself from pickpockets while traveling.

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Overbooking: What Are My Rights?

Overbooking: What Are My Rights?

The reputations of airline companies were tarnished this year due to their practice of selling more tickets than the number of people.

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Medical cannabis: Is it covered under group insurance?

Medical Cannabis: Is it Covered Under Group Insurance?

The use of medical cannabis is very controversial: Some doctors adopt it into their practice, while others are doubtful of its effectiveness. Here’s why.

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Travel apps: The 5 essentials

Travel Apps: The 5 Essential

Travel apps for mobile devices are undeniably popular, and there’s a ton of them. Here are Annie's top five, our travel specialist.

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What you need to know about drugs

What You Need to Know About Chemical and Biologic Drugs

It can be hard to find your way when it comes to drugs! They may be of chemical or biological origin.

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family trips during march break

Family Trips During March Break

Since travelling is my passion, I would like to address some of your concerns about travelling with kids during March break.

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journey to the rolwalling valley in nepal

Journey to the Rolwaling Valley in Nepal

I'm referring to Gaétan Lapierre and his trip to Nepal in 2012, more specifically to the wild, uncharted Rolwaling Valley, close to the border with Tibet.

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