Annie Giguère

As the Director of Product Development and Marketing at La Capitale, Annie specializes in the development of travel and group insurance products. According to Annie, sound management of insurance costs starts with the health and well-being of the insureds. For this reason, she places great emphasis on health in the development of insurance products. This mother of two successfully juggles work, family life, friends and travel. Her secret? Planning. In the reCap blog, Annie explains group and travel insurance terms in plain language She provides sound advice, tips, suggestions and proper planning in her colourful blogs.

Articles by Annie Giguère

Handy Free Travel Apps to Download

Handy Free Travel Apps to Download

These days we use technology for everything from paying bills and making purchases to passing the time. And we're betting you take your mobile devices, such as your phone and tablet, with you on vacation. Here's how they can help out on your trip.

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Your Pre-vacation Checklist

You leave to go on your vacation! We have prepared a checklist of the various items you're bound to need.

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Travel insurance : limitations, exclusions and reductions

Travel Insurance : Limitations, Exclusions and Reductions

Insurers do not cover houses that are already in flames. This is why they have limitations, exclusions and reductions for various situations. These are the main ones.

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Travel insurance coverage

Travel Insurance Coverage

Usually travel insurance is made up of three components and provides a 24/7 travel assistance service.

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Travelling, use your smartphone… but be smart about it!

Travelling, Use Your Smartphone… But Be Smart About it!

Once you cross the border, communications are rarely affordable. Four tips on how to keep roaming charges in check, without leaving your cellphone at home.

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5 questions you should ask yourself about travel insurance

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Travel Insurance

You've been planning your trip for the past few months. Have you remembered to get travel and trip cancellation insurance?

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Travel insurance: Get a check-up

Travel Insurance: Get a Check-up

Will your travel insurance cover you once you've left for your trip? When choosing your travel insurance, it's important to ask a lot of questions.

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