Katherine Al Haddad

Katherine joined La Capitale in 2007 as a financial security advisor. Three years later, she landed the position of Training Advisor for the sales team. In 2016, she became the Sales and Recruitment Director at the northwest regional financial centre in Laval. With 14 years of experience, a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a certified financial planner designation, Katherine is a financial services expert. She has the in-depth knowledge and skills to provide excellent advice in her articles on savings, retirement and life insurance.

Articles by Katherine Al Haddad

March break: 6 activity ideas that are easy on the wallet

March Break: 6 Activity Ideas That are Easy on the Wallet

It’s  time for March break, well-earned time off that includes its share of activities...and expenses! Even so, developing a budget and proper planning will allow you to get through the break without too big a dent to your wallet, and still have fun.

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3 banking habits you should eliminate now

3 Banking Habits You Should Eliminate Now

The banking habits of Canadians have evolved significantly in recent years. Now, rather than going to the bank and waiting in line for the next available teller, we’re using ATMs. Online and mobile transactions are becoming more and more popular. However, too many of us are still paying...

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Back to school: 5 ways to save money

Back to School : 5 Ways to Save Money

It's back-to-school time! Yes, it is possible to go through the school year while making great savings thanks to these five smart tips.

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4 reasons to contribute to an insurance company's RRSP

4 Reasons to Contribute to an Insurance Company’s RRSP

If you want to start making RRSP contributions, your first instinct may be to go to a financial institution. But did you know that you could purchase your RRSPs from a life insurance company instead?

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RRSP: The 10 most asked questions

RRSP: The 10 Most Asked Questions

The Registered Retirement Savings Plan is a long-term investment vehicle that’s generally used for retirement purposes. You probably already know that, but here are some frequently asked questions about RRSPs for which you may not have known the answer.

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Do you have the financial means to buy a home?

Do You Have the Financial Means to Buy a Home?

Purchasing a home is an important and expensive decision. How can you properly evaluate your financial situation?

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