Marie-Claude Dulac

Marie-Claude Dulac began her career with La Capitale General Insurance in the summer of 1980. She started out as a clerk in the Claims Department but through dedication and determination, as well as her personal and professional skills, she worked her way up to Vice-President of the department in 2005. Today Marie-Claude is valued by colleagues and staff members alike in her role as Vice-President of Sales and Client Retention. That’s not only due to her impressive career path, but also her cheery nature, sense of humour and listening skills. Rumour has it that this mother of four adult children is very attentive to the well-being of her staff members and committed to ensuring client satisfaction.

Articles by Marie-Claude Dulac

spring flooding

How to Minimize Damage in the Event of a Flood

Are you prepared for a flood? See our short guide to learn how to minimize damage to your property in the event of flooding.

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Motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle Insurance: Start the Season Off on the Right Track

Did you know that there are ways to save on your motorcycle insurance? Our team of experts has put together everything you need to know on the subject.

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15 safety tips for Christmas decorations

15 Safety Tips for Christmas Decorations

The year-end festive season is just around the corner and it’s a great time to get together with family and friends. To have a safe holiday season, be aware of fire hazards. Here are a few tips on Christmas lights and trees to avoid a home insurance claim during the holidays.

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3 Tips to Keep Thieves Away during the holidays

3 Tips to Keep Thieves Away During the Holidays

The year-end festivities are just around the corner...and it’s also gift shopping season! Even though this time of year is usually associated with giving and sharing, some people see it as a perfect time to steal, instead!

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Car shelter: what you need to know

Car Shelters: What You Need to Know

It’s time to get ready for winter and all the snow that gave our country the moniker Great White North! Do you have a car shelter or are you planning on renting one? Here’s what you need to know to extend the lifespan of your car shelter and limit the risk of making a home insurance or auto...

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4 must-follow tips for a safe Halloween

4 Must-Follow Tips for a Safe Halloween

Is Halloween a fun night for you, or a night to avoid? Whatever you may think about Halloween, everyone needs to be extra safe on this night when all the little ghouls and witches are descending on our streets.

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The ins and out of recreational vehicle insurance

The Ins and Outs of Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Whether you’re owning a trailer or a motorhome, here’s what you need to know about recreational vehicle insurance coverages.

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