Marie-Josée Gauvin

Marie-Josée Gauvin joined the La Capitale Legal Access insurance team in 1997. She has been a lawyer there since 2003, and now serves as director of Legal Access insurance. She holds the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation from the Canadian Insurance Institute, and is a member of the Barreau du Québec Advisory Consulting Committee on consumer protection. She has also been a member of the board of directors of a restorative justice organization for over 10 years. Her background speaks volumes: there's nothing about Legal Access Insurance that she doesn't already know! She's dedicated to making justice accessible. Working in Legal Access insurance is a great way to reach that objective on a daily basis. Follow Marie-José's advice on the blog. You'll get a better understanding of the legal aspects of many everyday situations!

Articles by Marie-Josée Gauvin

Common-law partners: Tips for a peaceful separation

Common-Law Partners: Tips for a Peaceful Separation

A separation is never something we look forward to going through. The experience can be even more stressful if children are involved or if the couple doesn't have a cohabitation contract.

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9 tips for settling an estate with no will

9 Tips for Settling an Estate With No Will

Would you know what to do if a loved one died without leaving a will? Here are the steps to follow and advice from La Capitale's Legal Access Insurance team to help guide you through the process.

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What you need to know about snowmobile accidents

What You Need to Know About Snowmobile Accidents

There are over 80,000 people who drive snowmobiles or ATVs in Quebec. There's just one stain on this otherwise pretty picture: Two thirds of fatal snowmobile accidents occur outside of marked trails. Since Legal Access Insurance covers part of the professional fees charged by your lawyer, it's a...

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Slip and fall accidents: Am I entitled to compensation?

Slip and Fall Accidents: Am I Entitled to Compensation?

Despite your best efforts, you’re no figure skater, and you’ve injured yourself. It’s the start of some unexpected worry and expense.

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Labour law: Legal Access Insurance can help you

Labour Law: Legal Access Insurance Can Help You

One lovely Friday afternoon, Sylvie Chartrand got some shocking news from her spouse: he'd been let go from his job. After 17 years of service, he was a mere three years away from retirement. And if that wasn't bad enough, his employer offered him an unsatisfactory severance package.

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Bodily Injury: Legal Access Insurance Can Help You

Spending a day on the slides at a recreation centre, Cédric Bollet and his family expected to relax and have a good time. Like most people, they assumed the slopes were safe and well-maintained.

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Problems with neighbours: Legal Access Insurance can help you

Problems With Neighbours: Legal Access Insurance Can Help You

Charline Drouin and her spouse lived on the 7th floor of a condominium building and decided to buy a dog. Before bringing the animal home, they checked whether the dog was allowed in their condo unit. They did so by consulting the co-ownership agreement and meeting with a board member.

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