Encourage your employees to take a vacation

Encourage Your Employees to Take a Vacation

Taking some time off is essential. However, it must be acknowledged that we’re living in an era where performance and productivity are key and sometimes come at the expense of our work-life balance.

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4 Food Ennemies Affecting Work Performance

4 Food Enemies Affecting Work Performance

Certain foods can actually interfere with performance at work, but you can help your employees make smart food choices. Here are 4 of the worst offenders.

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8 tips to help your employees concentrate better

8 Tips to Help Your Employees Concentrate Better

There are some strategies that you can put in place to boost your employees’ concentration. Here are our eight suggestions.

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Bring tour team together with volunteer work!

Bring Your Team Together With Volunteer Work!

Studies have shown that, in addition to contributing to a good cause and cultivating a feeling of belonging in the community, volunteers have a greater sense of well-being and are less likely to suffer from depression.

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6 thing you can do to help your employees to eat better on the job

6 Things You Can Do to Help Your Employees Eat Better on The Job

If you’re an employer who cares about your employees’ health, encourage them to eat well, even in the workplace.

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Employee recognition: it goes beyond a simple thank you

Employee Recognition: It Goes Beyond a Simple Thank You!

Recognizing an employee's day-to-day achievements and efforts can prove to go a long way for the office's overall sense of well-being.

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worktime breaks: simple and necessary

Worktime Breaks: Simple and Necessary

Our guest Maude Villeneuve answers 5 questions about breaks, which can be equally beneficial for our well-being as for our productivity.

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