Protect yourself from fraud

March is Fraud Prevention Month. In group insurance, fraud and abuse represent 2 to 10% of healthcare costs¹. It is important to note that group insurance premiums are calculated based on group consumption, among other things. When benefits are paid following the submission of inappropriate...

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Social Media: The Perfect Platform to reinforce your brand

Social Media: The Perfect Platform to Reinforce Your Brand

For businesses, launching a communication strategy on social media is an excellent idea. The different platforms are a good way to shine a light on your employees while reinforcing your brand as an employer.

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Social activities with co-workers: it pays off for everyone

Social Activities With Co-Workers: It Pays Off for Everyone

Socializing with co-workers away from the workplace? An excellent idea! Organizing informal activities to encourage employees to hang out together in a different environment is not only a good way of having more fun, it also has a positive impact on team dynamics and, ultimately, on productivity.

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5 original ideas for a different kind of Christmas party

5 Original Ideas For a Different Kind of Christmas Party

Now that December is here, we’re all getting into the holiday spirit. It will soon be time for your organization’s end-of-year party, which provides a good opportunity for employees to get to know each other better in an informal setting.

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6 ways to promote agile communication in your team

6 Ways to Promote Agile Communication in Your Team

Communication is at the heart of everything in an organization. If good communication has many benefits and facilitates collaboration, communication that is awkward, careless, obscure or absent may become a source of frustration and conflict.

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The positive effects of feedback

The Positive Effects of Feedback

Think feedback is a responsibility reserved for managers and that it specifically has to be given at the time of a regular performance appraisal? Wrong! It is a simple yet powerful way of motivating the troops and bringing out the best in your team members.

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Employee break areas: a good way to boost productivity

Employee Break Areas: A Good Way to Boost Productivity

By setting up indoor and outdoor break areas, you encourage your employees to step away from their work and take a breather. That way, they’re more focused when they return.

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