5 school bus safety rules for motorists

5 School Bus Safety Rules for Motorists

Kids are back to school! As a motorist, do you know the rules to follow when driving near a school bus?

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8 reportable changes when renewing your car insurance

8 Reportable Changes When Renewing Your Car Insurance

When it’s time to renew your auto insurance, it’s also the ideal time to make sure it still meets your needs and you're paying a fair price. Here are 8 changes that should be reported to your insurer before renewing your car insurance.

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Autonomous cars and car insurance

Autonomous Cars and Car Insurance

Autonomous vehicles have been making headlines over the past months. These vehicles are not taken from a science-fiction novel. You might see them making their way down your street in the very near future. How will they affect your car insurance?

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Auto insurance: demystifying right turns at red lights

Auto Insurance: Demystifying Right Turns at Red Lights

Here’s what the law says about turning right at red lights!

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winter driving tips

Winter Driving Tips

Cold weather conditions can really test the abilities of any driver. What can you do to stay safe on the road this winter?

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Drinking and driving: it could be very expensive!

Drinking and Driving: It Can Cost You Big!

Drinking and driving is a choice - a very bad one. Although the message "don’t drink and drive" has been clear for decades, many still don’t fully understand the consequences of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

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8 facts on cell use while driving and auto insurance

8 Facts on Cell Use While Driving and Auto Insurance

Here are 8 facts that you should know about the risks involved and the potential impacts on your Auto Insurance.

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