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8 Facts on Cell Phone Use While Driving

Do you ever text or make calls while driving? Read emails while stuck in traffic? According to a 2013 study conducted for the SAAQ (in French only), 99% of Quebecers think it's dangerous to read or write a text message while behind the wheel of a car, while 79% of them think it's dangerous to talk...

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used car insurance

How to pick the right insurance for your used car

Thinking of buying a used car? Here’s everything you need to know to help you pick the right auto insurance for your new vehicle!

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Hit-and-run: what you need to know

Hit-and-Run: What You Need to Know

According to statistics issued by Quebec’s ministère de la Sécurité publique, nearly 23,000 of some 40,000 driving offences reported in Quebec in 2015 were hit-and-runs. That’s surprising, because the consequences can be very serious for anyone who commits this type of offence. Chances are,...

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5 school bus safety rules for motorists

5 School Bus Safety Rules for Motorists

Kids are back to school! As a motorist, do you know the rules to follow when driving near a school bus?

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car insurance

8 Reportable Changes When Renewing Your Car Insurance

When it’s time to renew your car insurance, it’s also the ideal time to make sure it still meets your needs and you're paying a fair price. Here are 8 changes that should be reported to your insurer before renewing your car insurance.

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Autonomous cars and car insurance

Autonomous Cars and Car Insurance

Autonomous vehicles have been making headlines over the past months. These vehicles are not taken from a science-fiction novel. You might see them making their way down your street in the very near future. How will they affect your car insurance?

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Auto insurance: demystifying right turns at red lights

Auto Insurance: Demystifying Right Turns at Red Lights

Here’s what the law says about turning right at red lights!

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