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Mortgage Insurance: What Are Your Options?

Protecting your investment with mortgage insurance is a no brainer. Our breakdown of available options will help you getting your head around what’s best for you.

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6 myths about the Registered Retirement Savings Plan

6 Myths About the Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Given the amount of information we read each week, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and have trouble separating fact from fiction. That’s certainly true when it comes to RRSPs. There are a number of popular beliefs about the subject, which are not strictly true. Here are six preconceived ideas...

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PPMP: the 5 main changes to the plan

PPMP: The 5 Main Changes to the Plan

The Quebec government’s Bill 126 concerning the PPMP was passed on May 11, 2017. See what are the changes and how they affect PPMP contributors.

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mortgage insurance

Mortgage Insurance: Before Signing, Ask These 6 Questions

It’s in your interest to compare the different options available for your mortgage insurance. Here are the questions you should ask before signing.

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Life insurance a multi-purpose product

Life Insurance: a Multi-Purpose Product

Learn how life insurance is a flexible tool that offers a diverse array of options designed to meet and grow with your specific needs.

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Life insurance: permanent or term

Life Insurance: Permanent or Term?

Life insurance is an important financial decision, so ensure you’re informed when it comes to which particular option suits your needs best.

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Life insurance an asset that's protected from creditors

Life Insurance: An Asset That’s Protected From Creditors

In Quebec, there are special laws regarding life insurance and protection from creditors, but necessary precautions must be taken first.

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