fallen tree

Who pays if a tree falls?

Trees are a common cause of dispute among neighbours! Who has to cover the costs if a neighbour’s property is damaged? It all depends on the circumstances! Interested? Keep reading!

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Apartment building owners: You can prevent fires!

The risk of fires in apartment buildings is very real. As an owner, you can take a few precautionary measures to reduce the risks of your real estate investment going up in smoke!

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latent defects

What Do You Do About Latent Defects in Your Home?

Are you purchasing a new home? If you’re losing sleep worrying about the possibility of latent defects, here’s how to deal with the situation, if it arises!

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home exchanges

Home Exchanges: Are they Worth Your While?

Planning on exchanging homes so you can travel for less and try out a new experience? Read our blog article to learn all you need to know about this subject!

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spring flooding

How to Minimize Damage in the Event of a Flood

Are you prepared for a flood? See our short guide to learn how to minimize damage to your property in the event of flooding.

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Landscaping: How to avoid disputes with your neighbours

So you’ve decided to plant a hedge to define property lines? Thinking of installing a fence or planting a tree to gain more privacy in your yard? Despite your best intentions, this type of addition can easily turn into a fencing dispute. My Legal Access Insurance team has put together a few tips...

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15 safety tips for Christmas decorations

15 Safety Tips for Christmas Decorations

The year-end festive season is just around the corner and it’s a great time to get together with family and friends. To have a safe holiday season, be aware of fire hazards. Here are a few tips on Christmas lights and trees to avoid a home insurance claim during the holidays.

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