Marie-Claude Dulac

By Marie-Claude Dulac

June 5, 2015


Understanding Condo Insurance (free ebook)

Article revised on 21 July 2017

To ensure you’re well protected, your condo should be covered by two insurance contracts: Your home insurance for condominium owners and condominium syndicate’s insurance. But beware! Not all insurance coverages are made equal. It is essential that you choose coverages tailored to your needs.

This e-book includes:

1. Condominium lingo

2. Is your condo properly insured?

3. Water damage, the pet peeve of condo owners everywhere

4. Purchasing a condo: myths and tips

5. Legal Access Insurance: A valuable resource for help with condo issues.

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As an ePub file, to access the e-book from a digital tablet or smart phone. This type of file automatically adapts to the size of most screens on mobile devices. However, it may not be compatible with some of the older mobile devices.


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