Marie-Josée Gauvin

By Marie-Josée Gauvin

November 28, 2014


Bodily Injury: Legal Access Insurance Can Help You

Article revised on 13 February 2020

Spending a day on the slides at a recreation centre, John (fictitious name) and his family expected to relax and have a good time. Like most people, they assumed the slopes were safe and well-maintained.

Their fun came to a crashing halt when, going too fast heading into a curve, John and his daughter slid off the track and hit a tree.

John had to miss several months of work due to a serious back injury. His daughter suffered a fractured leg and was clearly traumatized by the experience.

According to John, the damages caused by this accident to his family warranted compensation. He decided to claim for compensatory damages. With the help of his Legal Access Insurance, he was able to hire the lawyer of his choice to sue the recreation centre.

In civil liability, all individuals or organizations are responsible for injuries caused to others through their fault or the property under their control. They are thus liable for compensating for injuries caused and pay damages to victims.

“Payment received after a ruling from the court will never fully compensate us for all we went through, but it helped us cope financially. Most importantly, the damage caused by the recreation centre was officially acknowledged,” said John. “All I hope is that no other family has to go through what we did.”

Legal Access Insurance: a small investment with a big return

If you find yourself in a situation similar to John’s, Legal Access Insurance can give you the financial means to help you get the legal advice of the lawyer of your choice.

Learn more about the benefits of adding La Capitale Legal Access Insurance to your coverage!

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