Marie-Josée Gauvin

By Marie-Josée Gauvin

September 19, 2014


Buying a RV: What to Look Out For

Article revised on 14 November 2018

For many, buying a used RV or a travel trailer is the best way to enjoy summer to the fullest. Practical, mobile and user-friendly, these vehicles are ideally suited for living in comfort outdoors. But you still need to take a few precautions, at the time of purchase and afterwards, to make sure manufacturing defects, latent defects or any other problems don’t ruin your vacation.

An inspection before buying a RV  is a must

Before buying a travel trailer or motorhome, especially a used one, it’s important to have the vehicle thoroughly inspected first by a professional. The inspection should include a detailed written report for you to keep in your files.

The RPMRR: make sure what you buy really belongs to you

When you buy used property, like a trailer or motorhome, we suggest you verify with the Register of Personal and Movable Real Rights (RPMRR). This register lets you discover if a property was offered as collateral or is affected by a debt. In that event, the debt remains tied to the property and could become the responsibility of the new owner, i.e. you! This simple verification can help prevent many problems!

Maintenance: drive off worry-free

Here’s a friendly tip: after the purchase, follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Most of them would recommend an annual inspection and maintenance of the joints, roof, windows, etc.

Don’t take their suggestions lightly! Many of the warranties become null and void if the maintenance recommendations are not followed to the letter. What’s more, they allow you to spot any signs of deterioration and repair them before the damage gets any worse.

Despite your precautions, a defect still pops up?

If, despite all precautions and verifications, you find a defect in your trailer or motorhome, you should immediately notify the seller in writing.

Consult your lawyer to know your rights and learn if you can take legal action against the seller if necessary.

Since Legal Access Insurance covers part of the professional fees charged by your lawyer, it’s a valuable asset to have in case you find a defect.
For just over $1 a week, why deprive yourself of the help of a lawyer in your time of need?

Happy camping!

Learn more about the benefits of adding La Capitale Legal Access Insurance to your coverage!

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