Marie-Josée Gauvin

By Marie-Josée Gauvin

July 30, 2018


Does Your RV have Hidden Defects? Legal Access Insurance can Help!

Article revised on 19 November 2018

You’re looking forward to taking leisurely trips in the countryside with your new RV. But you sense that something is not quite right with your vehicle. After several rainy days, you discover that water is leaking in. Your cushions, furniture, floor…all soaked! After a careful inspection, you find that water is entering from a corner where the wall meets the roof. So you ask the seller to make the necessary repairs. The seller refuses, saying you didn’t properly maintain the vehicle. But you bought it just six months ago! What can you do then if you come across hidden defects?

Legal warranties and conventional warranties

The law is clear: any goods you buy are automatically covered by a legal warranty. This means that you must be able to use them for the purpose these products are “ordinarily used” for an acceptable period given the price paid and the conditions in which they are used. Water leakage and any other hidden defects can cause premature wear of the vehicle. It is therefore up to the manufacturer or the merchant to make the repairs. 

Conventional warranties provide additional protection. They are available from the manufacturer or the merchant and supplement the legal warranty. Logically, they should be more advantageous and protect you against a certain number of defects over a given period. For example, they could cover repair of the roof in the event of problems during a two-year period.

To use these warranties, you must notify the merchant or the manufacturer about the problem. If they refuse to honour the warranty, you might have to consult an expert or a lawyer to assert your rights.

Your warranty is not being honoured? Have you considered Legal Access Insurance?

Whether you need help resolving an issue by mutual agreement, drafting a formal notice requesting the manufacturer or the retailer honour their warranty or undertaking legal procedures, a lawyer can provide support. To confirm that you have not been negligent and provide proof of that to the court, you may also wish to call in an expert. Legal Access Insurance covers not only a lawyer’s fees, but also those charged by an expert.

Valuable coverage–low cost

For just over $1 a week, La Capitale clients with home, auto or leisure vehicle insurance can take advantage of Legal Access Insurance. That’s not a high price to pay to relax and enjoy the trip in your new RV.

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