Annie Giguère

As the Director of Product Development and Marketing at La Capitale, Annie specializes in the development of travel and group insurance products. According to Annie, sound management of insurance costs starts with the health and well-being of the insureds. For this reason, she places great emphasis on health in the development of insurance products. This mother of two successfully juggles work, family life, friends and travel. Her secret? Planning. In the reCap blog, Annie explains group and travel insurance terms in plain language She provides sound advice, tips, suggestions and proper planning in her colourful blogs.

Christian Vanasse

Senior Director of Commercial Insurance and expert speaker whose topics include motivation and happiness in the workplace, Christian joined La Capitale’s Commercial-Lines Insurance department in 2012. Christian, who has 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, 25 of which are in commercial insurance, began his career among the first group of Commercial-Lines Damage Insurance agents employed by a direct insurer. He was also Sales Director and Account Director between 1999 and 2012. Want to gain a better understanding of your commercial insurance or get advice on being adequately covered and avoiding accidents? With his infectious smile and optimism, Christian will help you demystify the various aspects of commercial insurance!

François Bégin

Personal financial management instructor Whether it’s to help you overcome financial frustration or break free from a job you feel trapped in, François Bégin is convinced that there’s only one thing to do. You need to take action now! A young and dynamic leader with exceptional communication skills, François formed his own company in 2012. He provides coaching, training and lectures on financial health and entrepreneurship in the Quebec City area. François hosts a weekly radio show on station CKRL in Quebec City and is just finishing his first book. François’ reCap colums will focus on best practices on how to live a little more freely every day.

Hubert Cormier

Hubert Cormier, a registered dietitian, is a member of the Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec (OPDQ). He is the published author of Légumineuses & Cie, Ma table festive, Non coupable and À bas les kilos! (in French only). He writes for magazines, newspapers and blogs. He has a strong presence on social networks, where he offers tips and tricks and shares his thoughts on nutrition. Hubert loves sharing his passion for nutrition, and his talents have been acknowledged by many, including his peers. In 2015, he received the annual nutrition – young professionals award from the OPDQ as acknowledgement of his competency, commitment, leadership and professionalism in carrying out his role. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter (@Hub_Nutrition) or Instagram (@Hub_Nutrition).

Jean-David Gagné

Guest contributor: Jean-David Gagné, athletic therapist Jean-David Gagné holds a bachelor’s degree from Concordia University and President of JDM Santé. After 15 years of swimming competitively, he dedicated himself to athletic therapy and works as a therapist for high-level athletes. He is highly trained in the field of athletic therapy and since August 2015, has been working as a consultant with physicians and physiatrists at Cité médicale de Charlesbourg (Quebec City).

Justine Lemelin

Justine graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and has always been a lover of words. But it wasn’t until her post-secondary studies that she discovered her passion for communications and writing. That’s when she decided to turn her attention to marketing. Her favourite part about writing? To write about any topic in a reader-friendly manner, i.e. clearly and concisely. Now the Editor-in-Chief for La Capitale’s blog, Justine is challenging herself to provide readers useful and pertinent information on current topics that affect us all.

Jonathan Mercier

Jonathan began his career at La Capitale in 2006, as a financial security advisor. He held that position for six years before agreeing to take on new responsibilities as a trainer for the advisor teams at the Southwest and East Regional Financial Centres. In 2015, Jonathan was appointed as the Interim Director, Public Sector Market Development. He remained in that position for over a year before returning to his passion: training. Now as the Financial Education Activities Coordinator, Jonathan travels between the different public service institutions, providing training to employees and giving presentations on financial security-related topics. Because of his passion for personal finance and excellent communication skills, Jonathan is able to present financial security concepts in terms that are easy for people to understand. What a good person to have for our blog articles on life insurance and retirement!

Katherine Al Haddad

Katherine joined La Capitale in 2007 as a financial security advisor. Three years later, she landed the position of Training Advisor for the sales team. In 2016, she became the Sales and Recruitment Director at the northwest regional financial centre in Laval. With 14 years of experience, a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a certified financial planner designation, Katherine is a financial services expert. She has the in-depth knowledge and skills to provide excellent advice in her articles on savings, retirement and life insurance.

Marie-Claude Dulac

Marie-Claude Dulac began her career with La Capitale General Insurance in the summer of 1980. She started out as a clerk in the Claims Department but through dedication and determination, as well as her personal and professional skills, she worked her way up to Vice-President of the department in 2005. Today Marie-Claude is valued by colleagues and staff members alike in her role as Vice-President of Sales and Client Retention. That’s not only due to her impressive career path, but also her cheery nature, sense of humour and listening skills. Rumour has it that this mother of four adult children is very attentive to the well-being of her staff members and committed to ensuring client satisfaction.

Marie-Claude Roy

Marie-Claude graduated from Université Laval with a degree in kinesiology and is passionate about health and wellness. She has been involved in promoting healthy lifestyle habits since 2002. Her role consists of providing support to companies in the implementation and launch of an innovative and motivating wellness program. As a believer in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, Marie-Claude will bring to bear her expertise and experience in each article published.

Marie-Josée Gauvin

Marie-Josée Gauvin joined the La Capitale Legal Access insurance team in 1997. She has been a lawyer there since 2003, and now serves as director of Legal Access insurance. She holds the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation from the Canadian Insurance Institute, and is a member of the Barreau du Québec Advisory Consulting Committee on consumer protection. She has also been a member of the board of directors of a restorative justice organization for over 10 years. Her background speaks volumes: there's nothing about Legal Access Insurance that she doesn't already know! She's dedicated to making justice accessible. Working in Legal Access insurance is a great way to reach that objective on a daily basis. Follow Marie-José's advice on the blog. You'll get a better understanding of the legal aspects of many everyday situations!

Mélina Lamarche

Mélina, who has a degree in kinesiology from Université Laval, has been developing and implementing health and wellness initiatives in the workplace since 2004. She’s very passionate about and devoted to her work. Her ability to team up with clients allows her to successfully see her projects through to the end. Her favourite playground? The mountains! Whether it’s for running, downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or going on a simple hike, that’s where she spends a great deal of her time.

Pascale Gauthier

Currently Director of Recruitment and Development of Sales Team for the distribution network of La Capitale services conseils, Pascale Gauthier joined La Capitale in 2000. Strategist and results-oriented, but also dedicated and accessible, she has an excellent knowledge of the company that has enabled her to acquire additional responsibilities and climb the ladder. Graduate from the University of Quebec in business administration, owner and passionate about travel, Ms. Gauthier understands the needs that clients have when time comes to save money and protect their assets… You want to get tips on how to reach your savings goal and realize your important projects? Each month, Pascale presents simple and practical tips that will make you enjoying life.

Yann Bernier

Tax expert, special collaboration