Travel Apps: The 5 Essential

travel apps

Android users can now choose among 2.8 million apps available on Google Play. IOS users have access to 2.2 million apps.[1] Mobile apps are undeniably popular, and I know there’s a ton of travel apps and tourism ones. Because some may find the array of vacation planning apps somewhat confusing, I’ve come up with a list of what I consider to be the top five.


The first thing you do when you’re going on a trip is purchase an airline ticket. Hopper is a Quebec company that developed a mobile app which allows you to book flights when it’s the best time to buy.

By using algorithms and analyzing massive amounts of data, the company is able to predict flight prices with 95% accuracy.[2] So, based on your search parameters, Hopper will keep an eye on the travel period and notify you when it’s the best time to book your flights. Among all the travel apps out there, this one is definitely at the top of my list!

Airbnb and Drivy

Did you know that the largest hotel in the world has no real estate? And that the world’s largest taxi company owns no vehicles? Apps like Airbnb and Uber are key players in the collaborative consumption movement.

Airbnb has, of course, earned a spot on my list. This app allows you to rent someone’s extra space, apartment or house. Renting accommodations with Airbnb is safe and easy. Search filters such as neighbourhood, number of rooms, number of washrooms, facilities, etc. can help you make your selection.

The concept behind Drivy is a similar one. With Drivy, an extremely popular app in Europe, car owners are responsible for the various vehicle expenses (such as insurance and maintenance). They rent out their car for a specific period of time, and users rent the car for a low rate.


If you want to use public transit on your next trip, I strongly recommend Citymapper. This mobile app allows you to check the transit schedule for nearby buses, subways and trains, so you can get from A to B fastest! It is currently available in over 30 major cities worldwide.


Lastly, when travelling, I like to use the AroundMe app. It quickly identifies my location and allows me to find various nearby services like banks, restaurants, coffee bars, service stations, etc.

AroundMe displays a list of all the services available nearby, based on the category selected. Then, you can see where they are on a map, view the route from where you are, add the information to your contact list or share the info with a friend.
So there you have it! There are, of course, other travel apps that you can download. A couple of others that you may find useful are Duolingo, which allows you to learn the language of another country, and Yuggler, which provides local information on family fun activities.

That said, on your next trip, don’t forget to “disconnect” some of the time!


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