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By Richard Fecteau

October 27, 2015


Travel Insurance Coverage

Article revised on 15 June 2017

Usually travel insurance is made up of three components and provides a 24/7 travel assistance service.

Medical and hospital coverage

Medical and hospital coverage protects you in the event of financial loss due to medical expenses incurred outside your province of residence. It includes reimbursement of the following eligible expenses:

  • Emergency hospitalization, medical and paramedical care expenses
  • Emergency medical transportation expenses

Regardless of the type of travel you do, if you leave your province of residence, you need insurance that covers medical expenses incurred outside your province.

Trip cancellation or interruption insurance

Trip cancellation and interruption Insurance will reimburse eligible expenses if you decide to cancel or cut short your trip for unexpected reasons.[1]

When expenses incurred before departure are significant, you should take out travel insurance that includes trip cancellation coverage. It must be done at the same time the expenses are incurred.

Baggage and personal effects coverage

Baggage and personal effects coverage reimburses a maximum amount per insured in the following situations:

  • Loss of your baggage and personal effects
  • Theft of your baggage and personal effects or damage caused to them by reason of theft, fire or hazards of land, water or air transportation
  • Theft of your baggage and personal effects or damage caused to them during a hotel stay

In summary: You must have medical and hospital coverage. The other two types of coverage, while useful, are optional.

Medical and hospital coverage is important since medical treatment abroad can be expensive. If you don’t have travel insurance, you could wind up with a hefty bill. Here is an example of the amount reimbursed by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) when an insured is hospitalized in intensive care for three days in Florida following a heart attack.[2]

 Amount chargedAmount reimbursed by the RAMQAmount assumed by the patient
Hospital servicesCAN$25,000$300 (CAN$100 per day)CAN$24,700
Professional servicesCAN$1,000CAN$435CAN$565

Before selecting your coverage, you need to inform your insurer of your health condition and the type of travel you’ll be doing. For example, scuba-diving or mountain climbing are high-risk activities that not all insurers cover.

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[1] The content on this page is provided for information purposes only. It merely provides an overview as to the nature of the coverage available. At all times, the terms and conditions pertaining to the coverage provided under each benefit are governed solely by the travel insurance contract. Some conditions and exclusions apply.


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