Valérie Fernandez

By Valérie Fernandez

July 5, 2018


Building a Group Project at Work: A Winning Initiative

Article revised on 6 July 2018

An urban garden, rooftop beehives, investing in a social cause… More and more companies are choosing to build a group project at work. And they have everything to gain, because the impact of such projects not only benefits the community but also boosts team motivation and productivity!

Benefits of building a group project to people and organizations

These days, the organizations that want to stand out as an employer of choice must concretely demonstrate that they are committed to the health and well-being of their employees, the community and the environment. That’s why urban gardens are flourishing on the rooftops of office buildings and corporate beehives are such a hit with employees. And for good reason, because the benefits are numerous!

For employees:

  • Reinforced feelings of belonging to the organization
  • Pride in taking part in a project that has a concrete impact on all of the company’s employees and on the world outside
  • Design of outside space where employees can go to relax
  • Access to fresh foods and local products such as honey, organic baskets, potluck meals prepared using homegrown vegetables, etc.
  • Various opportunities to get to know people and strengthen ties
  • Opportunities to eliminate stress and recharge.

For the company:

  • Enhanced team productivity
  • Enhanced employee retention
  • Possibility of publicizing these initiatives, thus contributing to enhancement of the employer’s reputation and brand.

Adopt a cause

Obviously, not all organizations have the amount of space necessary to grow a vegetable garden or install beehives. Nevertheless, there are certain things that every organization can do to rally employees around a group project. Contributing to a cause is one. It may consist of:

  • Organizing a clean-up day to help a community agency or improve a public space
  • Raising funds to support a cause: organizing a benefit event, a sport event, a challenge, etc.
  • Becoming the spokesperson for a social cause and implementing corporate practices that are consistent with the cause. Example: Dove’s self-esteem project, designed to boost body confidence in women and girls.

Building your group project: how to get started

Choose your project

To get support from senior management, your initiative must be fully in line with the organization’s reputation, values and mission. There is nothing to be gained from investing financial and human resources in a project or idea that your organization doesn’t support. You must also ensure that you budget a realistic and adequate amount for achievement of the project.

Get the training you need

The next step is acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills. There are a number of organizations whose mission consists of supporting companies and individuals interested in activities such as planting a vegetable garden or installing beehives on the roof of their building. Such activities are better left to the professionals! You need to know what you’re doing, and guidance will no doubt come in handy.

Ready to go

You will need volunteers willing to be involved in the project. Their manager must also be on board and agree to free them up for a few hours per week or per month, so that they can make their contribution without compromising the organization’s day-to-day business.

Don’t be shy: share your achievements!

Don’t hesitate to let others know about the impacts of your efforts. Your achievements will definitely be among the topics you want to focus on providing more content for your social network feeds! If good quality vegetables or jars of honey are produced in sufficient quantity to be distributed, or if you have raised a significant amount of money for an agency, you’ve earned the right to share that information!

By sharing your organization’s achievements, you contribute to boosting your teams’ feelings of pride, while enhancing your organization’s reputation, by concretely demonstrating the actions it carries out for the good of the community!

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