Valérie Fernandez

By Valérie Fernandez

December 6, 2017


5 Original Ideas For a Different Kind of Christmas Party

Article revised on 5 December 2017

Now that December is here, we’re all getting into the holiday spirit. It will soon be time for your organization’s end-of-year party, which provides a good opportunity for employees to get to know each other better in an informal setting. Here are some party planning ideas that promote team building.

Keys to successful team building

Incorporating a team building activity into your company party is a good way to boost team cohesion. Such activities lead to better collaboration, more effective communication and mutual trust, and these benefits can be long lasting! The important thing is to choose the right approach. Before choosing an activity, spend a little time reflecting on what might enable you to achieve your goal.

Make a wise choice by considering your team members’ personality types and interests. Of course, in order to do this, you have to really know your employees. A good way of doing this is to circulate a survey to get their suggestions or just to have a chat with them to find out about their interests. Also take the average age of your team members and their personality types into account. It’s important to choose an activity that gets people communicating and discovering common ground in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

A few original ideas

1. Head outdoors

Go outside with your employees for some fun in the snow! Snowshoeing, XC skiing and snowmobiling are easy activities to organize and ones that most people enjoy.

2. Get cooking

If the team can be divided into small groups, why not consider having the party start with a cooking class? Not only will it serve as an ice breaker and give you an activity that produces a team accomplishment, the participants will be able to eat the fruits of their labour! Such activities will spark friendly discussions that will undoubtedly continue as the evening goes on.

3. Tap into the arts

If you think your employees are comfortable enough, you could offer social dance classes or a circus or theatre workshop.

4. Organize a team competition

You could organize a series of challenges with an Olympic-style theme. Make a point of combining different types of activities: inside and outside, cultural and physical, fun and more serious ones, etc.

5. Change the typical dinner formula

A progressive dinner is a fun way to mix things up. The guests all change places at the end of each course, so they have an opportunity to mingle with different people during the meal.

There are many ways to reinvent the traditional year-end office party and increase bonding among team members. Your employees will undoubtedly look forward to the fun activities you organize, and the activities themselves will have a positive and lasting impact on the working atmosphere in your organization.

Perhaps you’ve already made the plans for this year’s holiday party. No matter! These team building ideas can be tried out at any time.

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