Valérie Fernandez

By Valérie Fernandez

March 6, 2018


Social Media: The Perfect Platform to Reinforce Your Brand

Article revised on 27 March 2018

For businesses, launching a communication strategy on social media is an excellent idea. The different platforms are a good way to shine a light on your employees while reinforcing your brand as an employer.

A credible image

The findings of a 2014 study of 2,300 employees aged between 18 and 65 working for large companies show that half of them have talked about their employer on social media. This means that if your workplace environment is good, you can count on having a handful of loyal ambassadors. More importantly, an organization’s message, published by an employee rather than the company, is shared on average 24 times more than a message posted by the organization itself. So for a company, employee participation can have a huge impact.

It’s therefore in your interest to have your teams involved in your communication strategy on social media. First, they take the scope of your messages to new heights by reaching more people. Then, by endorsing the messages, they give them strength and credibility.

Go beyond job listings

Many companies limit their social media exposure to job listings, to announce their accomplishments or promote their products and services. There are therefore many untapped avenues of content to explore. Here are five types of content that are likely to separate you from the crowd.

 1. The social involvement of your organization and its employees.
It’s the ideal way to highlight your employees’ enthusiasm, their sense of belonging and their involvement in implementing the values that represent your company. Accompanied by photos and videos, not only do these publications promote your company as a good corporate citizen and employer of choice, but it also promotes its staff members. See how volunteering can be good for your team!

2. Employee portraits.
Give your employees a voice. They are well positioned to talk about their employer and their experiences. Ask them to also discuss their career paths, values and accomplishments. It’s a great way to promote your organization through the eyes of those that are involved in social media, but also to highlight your people and ultimately, increase their sense of belonging and commitment. You’re putting out a clear message: Their voices matter.

3. Stories about your employees’ lives.
Ask your employees to share remarkable personal stories: sporting successes, artistic feats, tales about overcoming the odds…the possibilities are endless. This type of publication shows that you are an organization that listens to, knows and recognizes its employees. If you want to see examples, we recommend the series of articles about our employees:

4. Business events.
Christmas party, social clubs, meetings with members of management, team building activities, etc. They all represent great opportunities to snap photos and shoot videos that can later be shared online. It’s a fantastic way to show the atmosphere, environment and bonds formed over the years between people.

5. Videos and photos of your staff members and offices.
You can publish photos of your offices, working environment and employees in action. Not only will your employees feel like they are valued, but future candidates may discover their prospective colleagues and work environment that would await them.

Benefits for the company

Of course your strategy is to promote your company to your clients or as an employer of choice. But opting to dedicate part of your communications to social media is a wise choice, and one that reinforces employee commitment, because your company values their opinions, personalities and contributions to success more than just the bottom line. Your employees will feel motivated, and proud to have been recognized.

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