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By Marie-Claude Dulac

May 18, 2014


Are your teenagers getting their driver’s licence?

Article revised on 14 July 2017

Are your teenagers getting their driver’s licence? They’ll need insurance!

Clearly, your teenagers are ready to drive on Quebec roads. You’ll be by their side at first, but soon enough, they’ll be driving solo. Why and how should you insure their first few times behind the wheel of your vehicle?

Insuring your young drivers is ensuring you have peace of mind

It can be emotional watching your little tykes taking their first steps…to the steering wheel. Check to see if your auto insurance covers your teens while they’re becoming drivers, whether it’s at your side or, when the time comes, on their own.

Your youngsters getting behind the wheel? Be up front with your insurer!

Before you let your kids drive, you must notify your insurer.Otherwise, in the event of an accident (at fault or not), your insurer could impose certain conditions at the time of compensation.

Learner’s licence

With a learner’s licence, your teenagers can drive only when accompanied by an adult who has had a permanent driver’s license for at least two years (who also have all their wits about them, of course!).

With a learner’s license, drivers only start with four demerit points, and when it comes to blood alcohol levels, the policy is zero tolerance. If your teenagers commit an offence, they will be fined by the police and lose any demerit points.

Let your insurer know when your teenagers get their learner’s licence and will drive only when supervised? Their names will then be added to your insurance policy as an occasional driver.Your premium amount will be adjusted based on several factors, including the age and gender of your kids.

The SAAQ’s probationary licence

With a probationary licence, your teenagers can drive on their own … meaning they will likely borrow your car. Be sure to notify your insurer so they can cover any additional risks. Drivers with a probationary licence also start with only four demerit points, and the same zero tolerance policy applies when it comes to drinking alcohol.

Do you occasionally or often lend your car? Inform your insurer!

If your youngsters borrow your car from time to time or on a regular basis, let your insurer know so they can cover the additional risks. Your kids’ names will then be added to your insurance policy. The premium will be adjusted, but you will sleep better knowing they’re covered.

If your kids regularly use your car to get to work or school, better notify your insurer. They will add their names to your insurance policy as secondary drivers. This way if you need to make a claim for something that happened while they were driving, you’re covered.

Purchasing the first car: your wisdom will reward you.

Once your teenager earns a permanent or probationary licence, it won’t be long before the first car is parked in your driveway. You can also lend or give them a car that’s been collecting dust in your garage.

Is it more advantageous to add this car to your insurance? The short answer is no. The insurance premium is not established based on who owns the car, but rather on who drives it, their licence type and gender, and how often the car is driven.

That’s why we recommend your teenagers get their own auto insurance so they can be fully paid in the event of a claim. If you want to help them out, you can always pay their premiums. But if they make the payments themselves, make sure they understand how important it is to always pay their premiums as outlined in their insurance policy. This will help them keep their insurance file and credit report in good standing.

When it comes to adding accessories

Teenagers like to install stereo systems in their cars, or add a GPS, aluminium wheel rims or other accessories that can be expensive. Tell them to notify their insurer if they do. This will cost a few extra dollars , but if objects are stolen from the caror they are involved in an accident, your kids will be grateful they were covered!

Be safe out there!

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