David Fortier

By David Fortier

April 20, 2021


4 Tips to Put Your Vehicle Back on the Road After Storage

Did you suspend the registration certificate and insurance of your stored vehicle during the off- season to avoid paying unnecessary fees? Here are a few helpful hints to make sure you don’t overlook anything when it’s time to “unstore” your vehicle.


1. Reinstate your coverage
If you suspended your insurance when you stored the vehicle, you must reinstate it before putting your vehicle back on the road. To do so, contact your insurer as soon as you know the date you will be taking your vehicle out of storage.

Some insurers, such as La Capitale, allow you to do it online. If you’re a La Capitale client, just log into your Client Centre account, go to the Insurance section and click on “Put vehicle back on the road”.

2. Get storage credit for cars and motorhomes
When you take a car or motorhome out of storage, you’ll get a storage credit when you reinstate your full coverage. This credit covers part of your premium.

No credit is granted for fire, theft or vandalism coverage. Why? Read our article on storage credit to find out everything you need to know on the subject!

3. Snowmobile, motorcycle, ATV or watercraft: No need to let your insurer know
Snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATVs or watercraft are only used seasonally. Your insurer takes that into account when determining the annual insurance premium amount. You don’t need to advise your insurer when you store or put these vehicles back on the road.


4. Reinstate your vehicle’s registration certificate
Drivers are required by law to license a stored vehicle on the same day they wish to put the vehicle back on the road. This can now be done with a few clicks of the mouse! With your registration certificate on hand, go to the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) website.

You can also visit the nearest SAAQ service point in person.

Important: If your vehicle has been stored for more than 12 months, you must have a mechanical inspection done by an SAAQ-approved specialist.

Tip: When you put your vehicle back on the road, you pay for the full month. So you may as well do it at the beginning of the month!

Are you planning to put another vehicle in storage during the coming season?

Don’t forget to:

  • Keep your last registration certificate, since you’ll need it when it comes time to “unstore” your vehicle.
  • Leave the licence plates on the vehicle.
  • Park it in an appropriate place. It is against the law to park it on a public road.

Enjoy the season!

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