Valérie Fernandez

By Valérie Fernandez

September 7, 2013


5 excuses for not taking control of your health

Article revised on 21 July 2017

You say you’ll make your health a priority, but it’s sometimes easier said than done. Here are a few easy strategies you can use to make it happen.

1. “I don’t have time.”

  • Block off time in your agenda for exercise, relaxation, etc.
  • Break up your daily 30 minutes of physical activity into three 10-minute segments.

2. “I don’t know how to cook.”

  • Take a cooking class! There is something for every taste and level of ability.
  • Get a bunch of friends together for a dinner party. Test out new recipes!

3. “I don’t want to hurt myself.” 

  • Consult a specialist, who can guide you to activities suitable for your abilities and limitations.

4.  “I don’t like to suffer.”

  • You need not suffer for physical activity to be of benefit to you. Just choose a sport or pastime you enjoy… The important thing is that it gets your blood pumping!

5. “I’m too tired.”

  • By adopting an active lifestyle, you’ll have more energy in your daily life and be more healthy in the long term.


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