Hubert Cormier

By Hubert Cormier

February 15, 2017


5 Foods to Add to Your Lunch Box

Article revised on 16 August 2018

Do you know what the beginning of the school year for your kids and the end of the holiday season have in common? You guessed right: it’s the lunch box! To break from routine, why not include the following healthy foods in your lunches and in your kids’ lunch boxes? Spotlight on 5 trendy foods!

1. Turmeric

Add this spice to a mayonnaise or plain Greek yogurt. In addition to the vibrant colour it gives to food, turmeric adds a unique Asian flavour. It can be the perfect dip for raw veggies. Turmeric is delicious in grilled chicken or salmon sandwiches, or even with hummus. Garnish with a few slices of avocado just before serving.

2. Natural mineral water

There is so much variety when it comes to bottled water these days. You can buy natural mineral water with added flavours like cucumber and herbs, cherry, peach, lime, etc. But beware! Buy those that don’t contain artificial sweeteners or added sugar. You can even buy small soda machines to create your own sparkling beverages at home. Parents: why not ask the service provider of your cafeteria or your social group to purchase this machine? You can add variety to your drinks all week long and stay hydrated.

3. Grilled chickpeas

Affordable and easy to prepare, crunchy chickpeas make a perfect nutritious snack. Drain, then dry the canned chickpeas. Add olive oil and your favourite blend of spices. My favourite combination: brown sugar and a blend of Cajun spices. No time to cook? You can now buy them in most supermarkets – they’re the perfect snack. I love using them instead of croutons in my salads. Chickpeas add a little crunch to every bite.

4. Pickles

Replace a few of the usual raw veggie sticks with pickles. On top of being low in calories, they can satisfy both your sweet and salty tooth. The key is moderation, however, as you can meet your daily sodium intake with just a few pickles.

5. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese, like Greek yogurt, is high in protein. You can eat it with a bit of jam, fresh fruits or even salty toppings. It goes well with raw vegetables too. Mix it with your egg or chicken sandwich to create a hunger-busting sandwich!

In short, simply adding something new to the menu will break your weekly routine. Add these 5 foods to your next grocery list and integrate them into your lunches. Welcome back!

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