Valérie Fernandez

By Valérie Fernandez

August 17, 2014


9 Ways to Get Back Into the Routine Easily

Article revised on 5 September 2017

Summer is drawing to a close, and it will soon be time to get back into a routine. There are ways of re-establishing a routine fairly easily, without feeling overwhelmed. Here’s how!

Back to work

1. If you can, make the week shorter by going back to work on a Wednesday.

2. Consider using public transit or, even better, active transportation, like walking or riding your bike to work.

3. Have your lunch outside while the weather is still warm.

Back to school

4. Sort through your old school supplies and start shopping for the new items you need as soon as you receive the list.

5. Do your shopping online. You can often have your items shipped directly to your home!

6. Get the kids involved. Delegate responsibilities to them, like labelling school supplies.

Getting back on track

7. Be patient and understand that this is a transition period for the whole family. Everyone is a little on edge!

8. Take advantage of summer’s bounty by cooking and freezing dishes to enjoy later.

9. Hold on to some of your holiday feeling by continuing with one or two summertime activities like a cocktail or dinner on the patio, an evening with a good book…

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