Valérie Fernandez

By Valérie Fernandez

August 30, 2016


Getting Your Beer League Season Off on the Right Foot

Article revised on 17 July 2017

Do you play in a beer league and look forward to strapping on your skates? In the last few months, have lazy days and barbecues with a few drinks taken the place of exercising? Now that the new season is about to start, there are a few precautions that you should take. Physical activity may be beneficial, but an overly intense resumption after a sedentary period could have the opposite effect.

Real health risks

Have you decided to see how you stack up against the young guys on your team and to give it your all? Be careful! Risks are associated with abrupt changes in lifestyle habits over a short period of time. In fact, if you overexert yourself without adequate preparation, you run the risk of injuring yourself and developing cardiovascular problems.

This is especially true if you’re 45 or older. For this reason, the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) website recommends checking with your doctor before becoming more physically active. It’s a good way to find out the current state of your health. Not convinced that it’s necessary? Take a few minutes to answer the survey designed by CSEP. Based on your responses, you’ll know what you should do before the season gets going.

Tips on how to get back in shape

As the season approaches, it’s a good idea to adjust your lifestyle habits and get back in shape.

  • Start becoming more and more active a few weeks before the new season begins, and gradually increase the intensity of your activity.
  • And, at the end of the summer, start watching what you eat and drink. Everything in moderation!
  • At the beginning of the season, take it slow. There is no point in giving it your all or trying to keep up with others who are in better shape than you. Take a few weeks to gradually increase intensity and the length of time you spend on the ice.

Before a game

On game day, do yourself a favour by preparing yourself adequately.

  • Have an appropriate meal – one that’s light, high in protein and low in fat – before you play.
  • Take the time to warm up.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the game. It’s better to have a few gulps regularly than to drink an entire bottle when you’re parched. Note that energy drinks are recommended for intense physical activity that goes on for longer than an hour. Energy drinks are not worthwhile for shorter activity periods, because you cannot eliminate their sugar content in that amount of time.

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