Valérie Fernandez

By Valérie Fernandez

May 20, 2015


The Funny Side of Love

Article revised on 8 February 2018

A sense of humour is a very desirable quality in a partner or a significant other. Many happy couples consider laughter to be one of the reasons for the success of their relationship.

Laughter is a very powerful social tool. When used correctly, it relieves tension and brings people closer together.

There are different styles of humour, and they can all have a negative or positive effect on our relationships. Although laughter is said to be the best medicine, to maintain harmony in your relationships, it’s important to ensure that a joke is funny to everyone.

Hate-me humour

Acting like a clown, putting yourself down and being the butt of the joke.

Used as a way of ingratiating yourself, it can be charming in small doses.

Putting more importance on amusing others than on your own self-esteem. May conceal a streak of self-loathing.


Put-down humour

Teasing, sarcasm and ridicule

Sometimes used to poke fun and mildly criticize things that bother us without being offensive.

An insidous way of making others look bad so you look good.


Bonding humour

Telling jokes, lightening the mood, laughing at things that everyone finds funny.

Gives people a feeling of inclusion, make them feel like they have a lot in common.

Can cause another person to be excluded.


Laughing at life

Laughing at the absurdities of everyday life.

Relieves stress and tension. Enables you to look at the world from a rosier perspective.

People may think you don’t take yourself too seriously.



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