Valérie Fernandez

By Valérie Fernandez

November 3, 2015


Good Food for a Healthy prostate

Article revised on 22 June 2017

Men who are overweight or who have a low-fibre, high/fat diet are apparently at a greater risk of developing prostate cancer. This type of cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian men. It accounts for 24% of new cancer cases.

A healthy diet and an active lifestyle will lower your odds as much as possible, protecting your prostate and benefiting your general health, as well… You may also find it easier to shed any extra weight that you’ve been carrying.

Need a little help to get started? Here are five tips:

1. Eat more vegetables

Veggies can cut your risk of developing cancer. Plan to have at least 4 servings per day, and aim for a good mix of colours!. Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, Brussels sprouts…) may cut your risk even further if eaten at least 5 times per week.

2. It’s not all about meat!

Deli and red meat , especially when grilled, can increase a man’s odds of developing prostate cancer. Vary your protein sources by sometimes choosing fish, eggs, legumes… And, definitely, always make sure you have a reasonable serving size.

3. Calcium: How much is too much?

Calcium may be key to good health, but a high intake can increase a guy’s risk of developing prostate cancer. Go ahead and have two servings of milk or milk alternatives per day, but if you take a supplement, don’t take more than 1,000 mg.

4. Nutrients from foods rather than from supplements

Vitamin E (almonds, flax seeds, hazelnuts…) and selenium (rice, Brazil nuts…) can apparently help stave off prostate cancer (but consume them in moderation!). So, forget about taking supplements, and focus instead on good dietary sources of nutrients.

5. Eat fresh, healthy food!

Processed foods are often high in fat and carbs. If you prepare your meals yourself, it’s easier for you to control the ingredients and make smart choices. Limit animal fats, avoid fried foods and choose lean cuts of meats. Good for you!


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