Valérie Fernandez

By Valérie Fernandez

December 3, 2014


Surviving the Holidays!

Article revised on 30 October 2018

The festive season is upon us. This means attending several parties and dinners while sharing some great food. Holiday gatherings are a great time to have a drink or two. But drinking too much may result in more than just headaches. It may cause trouble in your relationships, your friendships and with your family.  Here are three (3) tips on how to survive the holidays.

  1. Eat good fats : Before your party, eat foods containing essential fatty acids (nuts, olives, avocados, etc.) The fat content of these foods slows down the absorption of alcohol.
  2. Drink water : To stay well-hydrated, drink water between your alcoholic beverages.
  3. Avoid bubbles : The bubbles in sparking wines, cocktails mixed with soda, and carbonated drinks accelerate the effects of alcohol.


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