Valérie Fernandez

By Valérie Fernandez

April 9, 2014


Why Should I Implement a Workplace Health and Wellness Program?

Article revised on 19 June 2017

The benefits of a workplace health and wellness program include improving the health and well-being of employees, enhancing the workplace environment, facilitating talent recruitment and enhancing productivity.

The figures don’t lie:

  • Each day, 500,000 Canadians take time off work because of mental illness.
  • A diabetic employee misses an average of 8.3 days of work per year versus the 1.7 days a healthy employee is absent.
  • Smokers each cost their employer as much as $4,200 a year more than non-smokers due to lost productivity and absenteeism.

In short, the ill health of employees can affect a company’s bottom line. The consequences include disability management expenses, costs of replacing disabled workers, etc.

The implementation of a health and wellness program is therefore an interesting option to consider. A few facts that support the relevance of such a program:

  • A physically active employee is productive all day long with a productivity level that is 12% higher than that of sedentary employees.
  • Walking for 30 minutes or jogging for 15 minutes is enough to reduce stress levels due to the hormones that are released after these activities.
  • For every dollar invested in a health and wellness program, there is a $2 – $4 return on investment.

What does a health and wellness program consist of?

A good workplace health and wellness program should focus on four spheres of intervention:

1-    Work environment (adequate computer equipment, facilities for workers [appliances, showers, etc.], workload)

2-    Work/life balance (flexible work schedules, leave for family obligations)

3-    Management practices (internal communications, team activities, onboarding)

4-    Lifestyle (promotion of physical activity and healthy diet)

Where to start?

When implementing your program, make sure you follow these 5 steps:

1-    Obtain commitment from senior management

2-    Form a health and wellness committee

3-    Determine the status of the situation (collect data about your organization)

4-    Prepare your plan, then get it up and running

5-    Evaluate the program implemented and make changes as needed

Source: The Healthy Enterprises Group

The Viva Workplace health and wellness program is a turnkey program that’s specially designed to meet employers’ needs with regard to health and wellness promotion and prevention.

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