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By David Fortier

February 2, 2021


How to protect your above-ground swimming pool during winter

Article revised on 2 February 2021

Is there a better feeling than relaxing in your swimming pool during the summer? To make sure you can continue enjoying the experience, you need to protect your pool during winter. Each spring, many owners get an unpleasant surprise: damage to their above-ground swimming pool. Here are a few tips to help you avoid breakage caused by the harshness of winter and reduce the risk of making a home insurance claim!

Prepare your pool for winter

Late in the fall, it’s important to prepare your pool for the cold. To reduce the risk of damage, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Clear snow from your pool

An above-ground pool is designed to resist pressure on the sides created by the weight of water. It is not meant to resist vertical pressure caused by the weight of snow or ice. It is therefore important to properly clear the snow to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the spring.

  • Regularly remove the snow accumulated on the edges of the pool with a plastic shovel. A metal shovel could damage your edges and exterior wall, which are already weakened by the cold.
  • Avoid walking on the edges of the pool. It’s dangerous and you could damage the structure.
  • Clear the snow from outside the pool. Clearing the snow from the inside can cause the snow or ice to break under your weight. You will avoid causing damage and sustaining injuries.

Follow these tips and put the odds in your favour of finding your pool as you left it the previous year!

Clear snow from your pool

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