David Fortier

By David Fortier

August 24, 2021


Insuring your pool and your hot tub: a must!

Article revised on 24 August 2021

In summer, pools and hot tubs become a true oasis for relaxation and fun … and this is especially true this year! But did you know that they are rarely covered in regular insurance policies? Stay Zen: in addition to sunscreen, here are some tips for you to apply.


You’ve just bought a pool, or are moving into a home with an above-ground or in-ground pool? Contact your insurer to avoid any heartache in the event of breakage, damages, or repairs.

You won’t get pool insurance, but you can add coverage to your home insurance policy. This rider covers:

  • Outdoor pools or hot tubs
  • Equipment (maintenance, heater, liner)

Buying a house with a pool or hot tub?

Try to get the brand, model, size, a copy of the contract, and purchase and installation dates beforehand. Ask if repairs have ever been made. You should also ask these questions when buying a new pool.

Indemnities: limit big waves!

Ask your insurer about the indemnity levels to know which you are entitled to in the event of disaster. A normal depreciation applies based on years.

  1. Depending on the age of your pool, hot tub, or certain parts, the amount could be limited to 25% of its replacement cost.
  2. As a general rule, this depreciation applies to damaged parts. For instance, if the damaged liner is recent but the pool is 10 years old, the total value of the liner will be covered.
  3. Regardless of age, some insurers offer 100% coverage for in-ground pools or cover the labour cost when repairing or replacing certain parts.

Inflatable pools and hot tubs: air coverage!

For this type of product, which is generally more compact and affordable, your regular home insurance applies as long as you store them adequately in the colder months.

Tips and observations

  • In the event of a claim, a deductible of approximately $500 applies.
  • Above-ground pools are not always covered at replacement cost.
  • If coverage is recommended, the age of the pool, the cost of the premium, and the amount of the deductible may stop you from taking the coverage.
  • Do you have both a pool AND a hot tub? You will need separate riders to insure them.
  • It’s important to always supervise swimmers, especially children. Make sure to always have a lifejacket or buoy nearby.
  • Injuries, death, and water damage to your neighbour are covered by your liability insurance.

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