Marie-Claude Dulac

By Marie-Claude Dulac

October 20, 2017


4 Must-Follow Tips for a Safe Halloween

Article revised on 20 October 2017

Is Halloween a fun night for you, or a night to avoid? Whatever you may think about Halloween, everyone needs to be extra safe on this night when all the little ghouls and witches are descending on our streets. Here are a few tips to make sure your Halloween doesn’t end with a home insurance or auto insurance claim!

1. Decorate your home with the safety of your little visitors in mind

Did you know that if a visitor is injured or sustains property damage for which you are liable, you may have to pay substantial compensation amounts to this person? Even if the civil liability coverage included with your home insurance covers these expenses, it’s better to be prepared and avoid having to face such a situation and the headaches that come with it!

When decorating your home:

  • Use LED candles to illuminate your pumpkin: you’ll get the same effect without the risks
  • Don’t clutter up the walkway
  • Don’t install wires or tape at the ground level
  • Make sure the decorations are fixed firmly and are wind and water proof.
  • Keep your extension wires away from high-traffic areas. You can, for example, run the extension along your house walls.

On Halloween night:

  • Clear your walkway of leaves and branches for pedestrians
  • Make sure your entrance is well lit

2. Make sure your kids’ costumes are safe

The most important feature of the costume is visibility! Here are some tips from the Red Cross regarding this topic:

  • Make sure your children are visible in the dark by having them wear light-coloured costumes with reflective tape. You should also give them a flashlight for the evening
  • Go with short costumes so that they don’t trip over.
  • Avoid masks as they can prevent the children from hearing and seeing properly

3. Plan your children’s route and go over all the basic safety rules

For an incident-free night of trick-or-treating, the Red Cross recommends establishing limits with your children and going over the following safety tips:

  • Plan your route before leaving your home and share it with your parents and family Agree on a time to return home
  • If you’re old enough to trick-or-treat without being accompanied by an adult, travel in groups of four or five
  • Don’t enter any homes or get into a stranger’s car
  • Don’t eat your goodies until you get home! Make sure your parents check them first. Don’t eat the candy if the package is already opened.
  • Stay far away from flames and candles. Some costumes are highly flammable.
  • Stay on the sidewalk, not the street.
  • Visit homes that have a light on. If the entrance light is off, it means: “No candy here!”
  • Visit one side of the street at a time.
  • When you must cross the street, take pedestrian crosswalks or intersections only and look both ways before you cross to make sure there are no vehicles.

 4. If you’re driving on Halloween night, be twice as cautious

If you prefer ducking away in a restaurant for the night while the little monsters do their thing, drive safely and slow down, especially in residential areas.

Happy Halloween!

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