David Fortier

By David Fortier

March 1, 2021


5 ways to save on your motorcycle insurance

Are you among the motorcycle enthusiasts who dream of embarking on a Quebec road adventure as soon as spring approaches? To take full advantage of your passion all season long, you surely already have motorcycle insurance that’s tailored to your needs. But did you know you could pay a lower motorcycle insurance premium without compromising on quality? Here are a few tips!

Many factors go into determining your motorcycle insurance premium. The first things that are taken into account are the model of your motorcycle (for example, sport bikes or high-end bikes will cost more to insure), your age and your driving experience. You can’t always control these factors, but there are definitely things you can do to make a difference!

    1. Take a driver education course
      Insurers offer an additional premium reduction to clients who receive training at a SAAQ-recognized driving school. Put your theoretical knowledge to the test with this online questionnaire.
    2. Be a safe driver
      By following the Highway Safety Code, you can obtain discounts associated with your driving record, based on your driving record, which tracks demerit points and motor vehicle accident claims. You will more likely see a reduction in your premium with an accident-free driving record.
    3. Join a club
      Inform your insurer if you are a member of a motorcycle club or association. Your membership might entitle you to attractive discounts!
    4. Adjust your coverage based on your needs:
      Take the time to determine the coverages you really need. You could:

      • Increase the amount of your deductibles. If you do, you’ll see an immediate effect on your premium amount. Just remember that you will have to pay a higher amount in the event of an accident.
      • Eliminate the collision or upset benefit if your vehicle has low market value.
      • Choose the Specified Perils benefit (Section B4) instead of Section B3, which includes Vandalism coverage. This is a more affordable solution, because the coverage is less extensive.
    5. Bundle your insurance with the same insurer
      Bundling your home, auto and leisure vehicle insurance with the same insurer could save you a considerable amount on most of these coverages. You can also save money by bundling the insurance of other family members living under the same roof.

Drive safe!

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