Marie-Claude Dulac

By Marie-Claude Dulac

July 14, 2016


Everything You Need to Know About Scooter Insurance!

Article revised on 1 March 2021

Driving a scooter or moped is the first experience behind the wheel for many young people throughout Quebec. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as people as young as 14 can drive one to get around. But before taking a spin on your scooter, here’s what you need to know about scooter insurance!

What exactly is a scooter?

A scooter, also called a moped, is a pleasure vehicle with:

  • two or three wheels
  • a maximum 50 cc (50 cm3) gas engine or electric engine
  • a maximum speed of 70 km/h
  • automatic transmission

Vehicles that don’t meet these four criteria are not considered to be scooters for legal purposes. To make the right choice, see the Buyer’s guide: first moped or scooter before buying one of these vehicles!

What are the rules for driving a scooter?

  • Be age 14 or more
  • Have a Class 6D licence or higher
  • For those under age 18: Submit the duly completed parental consent form
  • Follow the regulations concerning mopeds

How to drive safe

Driving a scooter is comparable to driving a motorcycle. Both vehicles involve the same types of risks for drivers: poor visibility, little body protection and the temptation to take chances. No wonder parents are concerned when their kids take off on a scooter! To reduce the risk of injury and reassure parents,

  • follow the safety tips for motorcycle drivers, which also apply to scooters
  • sign the SAAQ’s family contract (in French only)
  • always follow the Highway Safety Code

How does scooter insurance work?

The SAAQ offers you automatic coverage if you sustain injuries

Just like automobile drivers, scooter drivers are covered by the SAAQ in the event of injury in a traffic accident, whether they are at fault or not.

It is highly recommended to take out scooter insurance even if not required by law

Contrary to motorists and motorcycle drivers, the law does not require scooter drivers to take out civil liability insurance. However, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) and the Groupement des assureurs automobiles du Québec (GAA) recommend scooter insurance.

To insure a scooter, you add it to your car insurance or that of your parents. The insurance premiums vary according to the selected coverage, value of the vehicle and the driver profile. Your insurance is spread over the whole year, even though the vehicle can’t be driven in winter. Don’t be concerned, however. Even though it covers 12 months, the premiums are calculated based on seasonal use.

Having insurance all year round allows you to protect your scooter from fire or other damage caused by events such as a building collapse under the weight of snow or water seepage.

Various insurance coverage are available:

    • Civil liability insurance is minimal coverage but very worthwhile. Civil liability insurance covers bodily injury or property damage caused to third parties if you are held liable for a traffic accident. Without it, you are at risk of being sued and can be on the hook for significant expenses.
    • With more comprehensive scooter coverage, you won’t have to assume all your vehicle’s repair or replacement expenses in the event of vandalism, damage, total loss or theft. The primary coverages offered are:
      • Collision or upset protection, which covers damage caused to your scooter by a collision for which you are at fault or when you are the victim of a hit-and-run
      • Comprehensive, which provides compensation in the event of damage such as fire, theft, vandalism and glass breakage
      • Specified perils, a less costly coverage, but also less extensive and does not include vandalism and glass breakage

Feel free to ask your insurer for advice on your insurance options. Ask for a quote and ask questions! There’s no commitment on your part and doing so will help you make the best decision. Your insurer’s role is to guide you through these choices and protect you from financial losses while also ensuring you get the help you need in the event of a problem!

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