Marie-Claude Dulac

By Marie-Claude Dulac

January 16, 2017


Snowmobile Insurance: 13 Tips for Well-Planned Outings

Article revised on 29 November 2019

Love riding your snowmobile? Do you find it relaxing? Whether you spend a few hours or a few days riding, a few simple precautions will let you fully enjoy your excursions while avoiding disaster! To ride with peace of mind, take out a good snowmobile insurance and follow our tips!

Be well informed when you set out

  1. Make sure you know the laws and regulations that apply to driving snowmobiles in the region you will be in.

For example, snowmobile owners in Quebec must have a minimum of $500,000 in civil liability insurance. This insurance covers bodily injury caused to third parties if you are held liable for an accident that occurs on a trail.

A $1 million civil liability coverage is included with the annual Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec (FCMQ) trail permit.

If you don’t have a valid trail permit, a civil liability insurance must be added to your snowmobile insurance. Because of the risk of being on the hook for significant expenses if you are sued for causing serious injury, insurers strongly recommend investing few more dollars to get $2 million of civil liability coverage.

  1. Stay on top of the weather forecast, trail conditions and the risk of avalanche.
  1. Plan your route based on the FQMQ’s network of trails.
  1. Avoid crossing over bodies of water. If you must cross a river or lake during winter, take marked trails that are monitored by clubs and check on their conditions before you set out.
  1. Always tell someone your travel schedule and the time you expect to get back.

Be well prepared when you set out

  1. Get a mechanical inspection of your snowmobile before each trip.
  1. Put together a survival kit that includes:
    • A trail map and compass
    • A toolkit and an extra key
    • Spark plugs, a drive belt and antifreeze
    • A pocketknife, a saw or an axe
    • Approximately 10 m of nylon cord strong enough to tow your snowmobile
    • Waterproof and weatherproof matches and candles
    • A flashlight
    • Signalling equipment (i.e. a whistle, mirror, signal flares)
    • A first aid kit (including a survival blanket) and manual
  1. Don’t drink alcohol.
  1. Get a satellite phone if you intend to ride in areas with no cellular phone coverage.
  1. Have the following documents on you:
    • Trail permit
    • Vehicle registration certificate
    • Proof of insurance
    • Driver’s Licence

Make sure you have everything you might need!

  1. Always wear a safety-approved protective helmet for snowmobiles.
  1. Wear clothes suited for cold weather. A good way to ensure your comfort is to dress in layers. Avoid cotton because it doesn’t dry fast.
  1. Sign up for a service such as Airmedic coverage, which provides emergency medical transportation by helicopter 365 days a year, anywhere in Quebec.

Remember that being well-prepared is a sure way to enjoy your rides in comfort but above all, in safety!

Happy trails!

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