Katherine Al Haddad

By Katherine Al Haddad

September 1, 2015

Financial Security

5 reasons why it’s good to have a financial security advisor on your side

Article revised on 12 June 2020

You may think you don’t need to consult a financial security advisor for advice, but you shouldn’t hesitate to have an advisor and use his or her services frequently. A financial security advisor can help you to:

1. Reach your financial goals

Are you dreaming of travelling, buying a home, getting married or being well off in retirement? It all involves planning! With your financial security advisor’s help, you can make these dreams come true.

2. Be prepared for emergencies

You can never know what challenges you’ll face down the road, but you can minimize their repercussions on your finances and lifestyle. Your financial security advisor will equip you to handle the obstacles that you’re confronted with and cope with their impact on your financial situation. He or she will also customize an insurance portfolio and an investment profile that suit your particular needs.

3. Stay on top of your financial situation

The key to a beneficial long-term relationship with your advisor is regularly updating the projects you have for each stage of your life and determining the difficulties along the way, which you will have to overcome. Your advisor is your go-to person, whether you need to modify your insurance amount, change your beneficiary or exercise a contractual right.

4. Understand the financial industry jargon

Your financial security advisor will help you understand the many personal finance management options available to you, so you can make the right choice. He or she will help you build a financial plan that’s more solid than one you could develop yourself.

5. File a claim quickly and easily

Your financial security advisor is an excellent go-to person when you need to file a claim or apply for benefits. He or she can help you connect with the resources available and suggest possible solutions in difficult situations, such as a death claim or an extended disability claim.

All in all, the relationship you build with your financial security advisor is key to good financial health. He or she is on your side, in good times and bad.

Note: This article is intended for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal, financial, tax or other advice. The circumstances or factors may vary depending on your individual situation. Before taking action, we encourage you to consult a professional. La Capitale may not be held liable for any consequences arising from any decision taken based on the content presented in this article.

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