Katherine Al Haddad

By Katherine Al Haddad

November 21, 2014


4 Effective Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Article revised on 25 September 2020

A significant portion of the average household’s monthly budget goes toward paying the electricity bill. According to CBC news, the average Canadian household pays $100 a month for electricity. By 2020, that number will increase to $150. Do you want to reduce this amount? There are simple and easy ways to save on this monthly bill without spending big money on major renovations.

Here are four efficient and affordable steps to help you take on the cold weather.

1. Heating

Since 50% of the electricity bill can be attributed to residential heating, installing electronic thermostats (and programming them!) can reduce the cost by 10%, according to Hydro-Québec. Reduce the temperature by two or three degrees and put on a sweater: you’ll save even more!

2. Insulation

Sealing cracks and air leaks with silicone or wood pulp, installing plastic weather strips on windows and doors and closing the curtains at night are methods you can use to prevent heat from escaping. That’s less money going “out the window”!

3. Hot water

According to Protégez-Vous magazine, hot water use accounts for 20% of the utility bill. Using cold water to wash yourself, taking a shower instead of a bath, and if your body can take it, turning off the water when lathering with soap can make a huge difference, as can installing low-flow faucets.

4. Appliances and electronic equipment

Consider EnergyStar or EnerGuide, energy-efficient household appliances that have been on the market for a few years now, to keep your energy consumption down. And why not use compact fluorescent lamps while you’re at it? They consume 80% less energy. Also, make sure your electronic devices are not in sleep mode, dry your clothes outdoors on a clothes line and keep the freezer full – it will waste less energy!

Lastly, analyze your electricity consumption to see how you can be more energy-efficient. You can even get a home diagnostic performed on the Hydro-Québec website.

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