Shani Dion-Thibaudeau

By Shani Dion-Thibaudeau

June 10, 2016


How to Go on Holiday on a Budget

Article revised on 10 May 2018

Vacation time is upon us! We all need this precious time to rest and recharge our batteries. Whether you are travelling with your family, friends or by yourself and would like to do so while respecting your budget, know that it’s possible to enjoy your trip without going broke.

Here are a few ideas for vacations on a modest budget:

1- Establish a budget and plan before you go

If you know you’ll be taking a vacation later in the year, start saving in advance of the trip. Every pay day, set aside some cash in a vacation savings account so you can save enough to do what you wish according to your budget.

2- Know exactly where you’re going

Taking off on a whim is usually going to cost you more than planning your trip beforehand. Reserve your accommodations, restaurants and any activities or excursions ahead of time as these facets account for the bulk of vacation expenses.

Make sure you check out the tourism website of the region you intend to visit. Many affordable packages are highlighted by cities and municipalities. You’ll find a load of useful information and savings ideas, plus you won’t have to wait in line or be disappointed. A must for a great holiday on a budget!

3- An adventure abroad?

You can embark on a worldwide adventure without going bankrupt – if you plan for it. If you wish to be flying, services offered by a travel agent could prove to be useful. The agent would know which airlines or dates are more affordable. Otherwise you can check yourself online, as sites such as Google Flights offer many solutions to help you fly for less.

Opt for affordable lodging: youth hostels, small hotels or apartments, camping grounds or even home exchanges.

Forget restaurants in touristic areas that will be a drain on your funds. Unless you’re a foodie, there’s no use spending a lot of money on food during your trip. Food purchased at local markets for picnics will do just fine.

Also keep in mind the current exchange rate. You may need to bring some extra cash depending on where you’re going.

4- Avoid the high season

To save even more, whenever convenient, travel during the off season, i.e. spring or fall. During this time, rates for almost all services and activities are considerably lower, even for longer trips.

Remember that a good and affordable vacation will leave you with better memories than a topped up credit card bill! The secret is simple: be prepared.

Have a great vacation!

Start saving now!

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