Katherine Al Haddad

By Katherine Al Haddad

March 5, 2018


March Break: 6 Activity Ideas That are Easy on the Wallet

Article revised on 5 March 2018

It’s time for March break, well-earned time off that includes its share of activities…and expenses! Even so, developing a budget and proper planning will allow you to get through the break without too big a dent to your wallet, and still have fun. To help you out a little, here are six ideas for indoor and outdoor activities that will please every member of the family, while not setting you back too much!

Three outdoor activities

1. Get out there!

Snowshoeing, forest hikes, skating or sliding, there are so many free activities out there! Top it off with a warm hot chocolate and what more could you ask for?

2. Build a quinzee, igloo or snow castle

An architectural project that will take up a lot of time and entertain the whole family!

3. Go skiing

You can cut costs by purchasing your tickets from a discount site, by getting a discount card or taking advantage of sales from ski centres. Think about packing your lunch! It’s cheaper than buying one at the cafeteria for every member of the family.

Three indoor activities

4. Make it movie night…at home

Get everyone in their jammies, make some popcorn and other snacks, and settle in for a great film!

5. Go to the museum

Several museums offer free visit periods or family activities that don’t cost too much.

6. Go swimming at city swimming pools

The water is sure to keep everyone active!

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