Richard Fecteau

By Richard Fecteau

February 7, 2019


Travel plans for Valentine’s Day

February. It’s a short, cold and difficult month for most people who wish the long winter would end and welcome the warmer days of spring and summer. Luckily we have Valentine’s Day to warm our hearts against the cold of winter and remind us that love can inspire exciting projects. This year, forget about flowers, chocolate or a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. Why not give a gift that both of you can enjoy: A trip!

Trendy destinations

Need some inspiration for destinations? Sri Lanka, Germany, Zimbabwe, Panama, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Indonesia, Belarus, São Tomé and Príncipe and Belize are among the hottest travel destinations in 2019 according to Lonely Planet. The majority of these places are seldom visited by tourists and will provide you with the thrill of discovery and the feeling that you’re travelling off the beaten path. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Book in advance

Plane tickets are usually the most expensive part of a trip. By booking early, three to six months in advance, you will have more options to choose from with regard to prices and you can monitor any changes using booking services such as Google Flights or price monitoring apps like Hopper. Your tickets are more likely to cost less when you purchase at least three months ahead of your departure.

Reduce your spending

To save on accommodations, rent a house or apartment through Airbnb or HomeAway.  Take advantage of the conveniences located nearby to bring down the cost of your expenses. In the morning, prep and pack a lunch that you can take with you during your daily excursion. On your way back, stop at the market and pick up fresh, local products that you can cook at home later that evening.

Travel with peace of mind

To cover any medical fees abroad in the event of an accident or illness, take out travel insurance. It will allow you to travel with peace of mind and avoid problems such as trip interruption or cancellation and the loss of your luggage or other personal property.

Get travel insurance that’s tailored to your needs!

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