Richard Fecteau

By Richard Fecteau

February 28, 2019


Travelling alone: Why not?

Would you consider travelling solo in 2019? More and more people around the world are doing just that. According to the search engine, there has been a 170% increase in people reserving hotel rooms alone. According to the Pinterest web-based bulletin board, pins dedicated to solo travelling increased by 600% in 2018 compared to the previous year. In fact, more and more tour operators, hotel resorts and cruise lines are increasing their offering to meet this growing trend.

Why travel alone?

 When you travel alone, you learn more about yourself. It goes without saying that you get to pick the destination, decide what to do and check out any attractions you fancy. Besides that, you can manage your time however you like, have more opportunity to develop independently and have rewarding encounters. Travelling solo also allows you to build self-confidence and discover what makes you truly happy.

Minor inconveniences and solutions

Travelling alone can be costly. You have to pay hotel fees on your own. And certain hotels charge more for rooms with single occupancy.  You may want to consider travelling during the off season, which would allow you to avoid the additional fees and negotiate better prices for your room. If you’re more adventurous, why not try couchsurfing.

Some people don’t enjoy dining alone in restaurants. If this is the case for you, eat at counters or order from street vendors. For dinner, opt for tables near windows so you can take in the view or sit at the bar to eat. You’ll quickly forget that you’re alone.

Worried about your safety? Use common sense. Don’t act like a tourist, and blend in with the locals. Find out about any travel advisories, the customs of the country you’re visiting and any local areas, neighbourhoods and streets you should avoid. Store money in different parts of your body, rather than keeping it all in your wallet or handbag. Share your itinerary with a friend or relative, and give them the contact information of the places where you’ll be staying. Don’t forget to take out good travel insurance. It’s well worth the peace of mind!

The pleasure of discovering new places

Travel + Leisure magazine’s website rates New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Austria as the best destinations for solo travellers. In addition to choosing your destination and the attractions that interest you, you get to have unique experiences when you travel solo. Join a guided tour (cuisine, art, architecture), take a cooking class or learn a craft, volunteer on an archaeological excavation, work on a farm during harvest season…

The world awaits – Discover it! Have an adventure as big as your ambitions.


Sources: Tourism Intelligence Network, Travel + Leisure

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